Before and after: Brooklyn backyard makeover

While we are no strangers to Brooklyn backyard makeovers, we were presented with a particularly daunting challenge this August when we squeezed in one last garden project before the season close.

Wandering back to the overgrown plot choking on weeds and vines, one would think he was bushwacking in Brazil rather than boozing in Bushwick. (In actuality the space is in Gowanus.)  

But we saw potential through the subterfuge, so we sharpened our Lopping Shears and got to work.

After some very hot hours of labor, things started to come together. We were very happy with the back dining area, nestled nicely beneath the umbrage of a blooming tree. We left the climbing wall ivy, which hinted at the garden's wild heritage before the cleanup.  

Before and after of the back. The tree in the back was really the star of this garden, and we wanted to feature it prominently. We also planted pachysandra in the concrete brick wall.

We chose a muted color scheme, with soft pinks, greens and blues. The main 'pop' color was to come from the tree. Container arrangements and houseplants provided accents and visual interest. 

The light on the back wall is absolutely gorgeous around sunset. The garden as a whole gets amazing light all day. 

A final before and after of the garden.