Plant Portrait: Judy Brand

Walking into Judy Brand's orchid room, located deep in the Florida Keys, you somewhat sadly can't help thinking that you entered a real life Pinterest board. (aside: our Pinterest board is here if you'd like to peruse!) The screened-off, walk-in closet sized room literally drips with greens, pinks, purples, and yellows. White orchid roots from overhead run through your hair as you walk through and marvel at the bizarre beauty of these bromeliads, whose popularity cannot be understated in the south - they are literally everywhere you turn. We spoke with Judy about her secret sanctuary. 

Q: What is your watering system in here?
A: They're all watered differently. On one side, they get watered every night, and on this side they get sprayed once a week. I try to have other interesting plants, not just orchids. Ferns and such. 

Q: Were you into orchids before Florida?
A: No because you can't really grow orchids anywhere else. Up north, the houses are too hot. They need a lot of moisture.

Q: What do you like most about orchids?
A: Unlike arrangements they last such a long time - about 6 weeks. And there's so many different types. It takes a lot of time an energy.